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Free blogging software has turned the internet into a virtual soapbox. Everyone from small business owners to chief executives to lone individuals, writing a successful and popular blog post is about getting your thoughts out there and actually being seen by the audience and that means serving audience and readers, not bombarding them with marketing material.There are many ways to make your blog popular and successful but you need to be sure you know what you are dealing with. Many people just spam their blog post on social networking sites like facebook, Reddit, Digg requesting users to vote or like their blog post. Please don’t do this. This is considered as spamming.

If you have something unique and amazing to share, post it on Reddit and if it goes viral you will get tons of Traffic on your blog.

Just remember one thing… Your blog is not gonna become popular overnight. It takes the time to build trust among your audience. So patience is the key to your blog’s success.

There are many killer ways to Make Your Blog popular. Let’s see what are those.

1.  You need to customize your Blog’s design

The design of your blog matters a lot. Just having good content won’t help. Every blog needs to have a unique design. Your blog audience should be attracted to something unique and interesting. Whenever a person visits your blog, your blog’s design gives them a first impression and this determines the amount of time they will be spending on your blog post.

Now to be honest…. Suppose your blog has a boring design, I am not gonna visit it and even if I visit it accidently I might spend a few seconds scrolling up and down and leave.

So you see your blog’s design plays an important part in your blog’s success.

If your blog is in WordPress you can choose from a variety of Beautiful themes available. You can also customize them according to your requirement as they have inbuilt options to change color, logos, the structure of the template.

2. You should Engage Your Readers & Encourage Comments

Make your Blog Popular

If any blog reader comments on your blog, they have something to say, but that particular reader might not have bookmarked your blog or shared it. By replying to your blog audience  and keeping them engaged you build a relation that keeps them coming back. It also makes them inclined to your further posts and they might share your post on facebook,reddit etc.

3.  Keep Creating new blog posts from time to time

Blogging is not a short term thing to do. You need to be in it for a long time if you want to build a large audience who will read your blog, share it and also recommend your blog post to others. You should keep posting fresh blog content, also accept guest blog submissions. You need to work at building your blogging network and partners. As your blog ages you will get there, it also gains more trust from search engines etc.

4.  Do Keyword Research

You need to find a blog title which is high in demand and has low competition. You can use keyword tool like ubersuggest which provides suggestions of which keywords you need to use in your blogs.

Keyword research will save your time which you will be investing in writing about topics which are high in competition.

5. Embed Awesome Videos.

Adding a video somewhere in the middle of your blog is a great way to catch readers attention.

The above video has nearly one million hits. That’s good amount of traffic but is considered peanuts by youtube.

You can embed any youtube video you wish in your blog or create a new one.

Almost all users are happy to watch short videos embedded in blogs. Videos keep the visitors engaged and increase rank and attention.

6.  Build Email List

Email Campaigns can grab users attention. At the end of every post you can put a simple statement like

‘Subscribe to our newsletter to first receive our next post’

You can also use a mail server like Aweber, Mailchimp etc.

7.  Social Media Power

Last but not the least – Social Media. Don’t forget to share your blog post on social media channels. Social Media greatly helps in increasing traffic and popularity. Also comment on readers queries, Asking questions , Giving opinions helps in gaining your Blogs popularity.

So these are some points which you need to apply to Make Your Blog Popular

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