Tips to increase Website Traffic

In this blog, we will explain to you how to Increase Website Traffic for your website.

The first question which comes to your mind when you have your blog or website ready is

“How can I increase website traffic?”

Here’s a reply which we got from one of our customers

Tips to increase Website Traffic in 2017

Our customer is absolutely right. Website Traffic is a common and a major problem which website owners face.

Website Traffic is the core part of website business

When there is no traffic, there are no leads

When there are no leads, there are no sales

When there are no sales, there is no business


So let’s see what those techniques are

1. Create New Content

The best way to generate traffic is to create new and original content for your blog. You need to increase the number of pages on your website that can rank for your important keywords. You need to look where you can add new blog posts, latest content (polls, quizzes etc) to attract customers and target specific keywords.

2.  Launch New Products

A superb way to attract new customers and increase website sales is to create new products that meet their requirements.The great part is that you can often charge for these as well and make money. This will get new users into your full conversion funnel.

3.  Launch Infographics

Take help from a designer who can create useful graphics that provides useful information to your customers such as an increase in sales over a period of time, the growth of your organization etc. Share these infographics on social channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.

4. Podcasts

Nowadays Podcasts are a huge Hit and one of the best ways to grow your podcasts audience is to invite influential people on your podcasts. So launch your own podcast and target producers to get onto their shows.

5. PPC

PPC (Pay Per Click) is used for conversion oriented keywords. It’s great because it usually attracts audiences which are ready to convert thus increasing sales.

6. Target Reddit with content

If you are able to promote your content or product on Reddit you can get thousands of visitors on your website. Reddit drives tens of thousands of visits to sites. It consists of lots of communities and each community has a certain set of rules. If you follow those rules and play accordingly you are sure to get huge traffic to your blog daily.

7. Email subscribers when there’s something new on your website

Email your users when there’s some activity going on your website such as new product launches or there’s some offer going on your website. This will make sure your users come on your website and see that content which might lead to sale conversion. If you have an eCommerce website you need to follow this practice regularly.

8. Advertise

You need to advertise your website, blogs or products via google ads, facebook ads etc Ads. Paid ads drive a huge amount of traffic which often leads to conversions. You can use paid ads once every 10 days or once in a fortnight is you don’t have the budget to spend daily. The most famous once are Google Ads.

9. Email users who abandon their shopping cart

If you run an eCommerce site, email them when they’ve left something that they wanted to buy.

10. Common Techniques

Apart from the techniques which are suggested above you should always try common techniques like having social icons on your blogs, Subscribe option for your website visitors, Click to call button on your website etc.

These are some interesting techniques which you can try to attract traffic to your website.

We know that not all of these techniques will work for you but many of these will.

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