How to change Joomla Admin Design with ease

You are a Website owner who owns a beautiful Joomla website.There’s everything present in your website which a professional high traffic website needs to have like Beautiful website design, Awesome Products, High User interaction, Blogs, SEO friendly content etc. You think your website is complete and it doesn’t need too much attention further. But there’s one part of the website where website owners never pay much attention…. Any Guesses which part of the website is that?……. Well…It’s the Joomla Admin Layout Design. Now one would think … Why should I change the Joomla Admin Design? How does it matter?… Well, it does matters. In Situations where you own an organization and there are many employees accessing the website’s Administrator such as Authors writing a professional blog on website or developers who are updating the website or anyone working inside the admin part. Every time they login into your website’s Joomla Administrator they see this default Plain Blue Joomla Admin Screen.

Change Joomla Admin design

It does look good a few times when you see it but as time passes you really get bored looking at it. To address this cause we have built a simple and light Joomla plugin Change Admin UI. You don’t need to be a technical guy to use this plugin, Even a layman can operate it. You need to just install it in Joomla website, change plugin settings and save it. That’s it… Next time when you visit your Joomla administrator you will see a beautiful administrator screen.

Let’s see some of the designs which we were able to create with this simple plugin.

Change Joomla Admin design

Change Joomla Admin design

So you see we have changed the default blue admin screen into a beautiful admin screen. Now every time anyone visits your Joomla administrator they will be like… Wow..That’s awesome.

Want to have a look how we change Default Joomla Admin into a Beautiful Joomla Admin? Have a look at the below video in which we have shown how we do it.

Let’s see what features we get in this plugin

  • Modify Admin Screen Background Image
  • Modify Admin Screen Background Color
  • Display / Hide Logo in Login Box
  • Modify Login Box Logo
  • Modify Login Box Logo Margin (px)
  • Modify Login Box Color
  • Modify Login Box Opacity Value
  • Modify Log In Button Color
  • Modify Admin Screen username textbox height
  • Modify Admin Screen password textbox height
  • Modify Admin Screen textbox icons height
  • Display / Hide Admin Screen Footer Homepage Link
  • Modify Admin Screen Footer Homepage Link Text
  • Modify Admin Screen Footer Homepage Link Font Size
  • Modify Admin Screen Footer Homepage Link Font color
  • Display / Hide Admin Screen Footer Joomla Icon
  • Display / Hide Admin Screen Footer Copyright Text
  • Modify Admin Screen Footer Copyright
  • Modify Admin Screen Footer Copyright Font Size
  • Modify Admin Screen Footer Copyright Font Color

Also, have a look at the Demo Link below

Demo Link

So you see you can modify your Joomla admin screen design easily with help of this plugin.

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