JooMapbox Documentation

How to install JooMapbox Plugin?

  • Unzip the package file .
  • Log into joomla backend area.
  • Go to Extensions -> Extension Manager.
  • Click on ‘Install’ tab.
  • Choose the zip package file from the Choose File button.
  • Now Press the Upload & Install button, the JooMapbox extension will be installed now.
  • Go in Extensions -> Plugins
  • Publish the joomapbox plugin and make necessary changes in plugin settings to display joomapbox plugin in frontend.

How to uninstall JooMapbox Plugin?

  • Go in Extensions -> Manage.
  • Type joomapbox in search bar
  • Click checkbox of joomapbox plugin and press uninstall button
  • joomapbox plugin will be uninstalled


  • Set Map Width (px)
  • Set Map Height (px)
  • Set Map Style (basic-v9, bright-v9, light-v9, dark-v9, streets-v9, satellite-v9)
  • Set zoom level for map
  • Set
  • Set 
  • Set 
  • Set Marker Height
  • Set Markers Latitude
  • Set Markers Longitude
  • Set Markers Popup Text
  • Display Multiple Markers in map
  • Display Map in module