Improve Joomla Website’s Performance and Security.

Nowadays there are millions of websites using the famous Joomla CMS. With growing needs also comes Performance and Security Issues.

Let’s see how to do it

      1.  Check your Extensions from Time to Time.

– Unused and Heavy Extensions often increase website’s Loading Speed. Make sure you go through your website’s components, plugins and modules at least once in a month and uninstall those which you are not using. The Higher the website Loading Speed, higher is the website’s visitors Bounce Rates which result in Website poor performance and ultimately leads to decrease in website traffic or sales.

      2.  Make sure you have a security extension installed

– Security Extensions Keep unwanted visitors like Hackers and Spammers away from your website. There are lots of Joomla security extensions which you can install.

One of them is jSecure Authentication. It is a very nice security extension which blocks access to Joomla administrator page if anyone enters a wrong secret keyword.

Also, you can apply basic .htaccess protection to your Joomla folder directory. This makes sure that if anyone tries to enter your folder directory they need to enter username and password. See the below Screenshot

Improve Website Performance Security


        3.  Website Cache

What is Caching?

–  Caching is the process to store data in a cache. Cache is a temporary storage area.

–  Caching helps to speed up websites by Loading website data from the cache. Once the page is downloaded the browser will cache it somewhere on the local computer. If that page is requested again, a server check is done to ensure that the page is not updated, then the browser displays the locally cached version.

– So if your website is not getting updated on a daily or weekly basis you can use Joomla caching plugins to help it load faster so that your visitors can quickly browse through it.

– Joomla provides the option to clear cache from System -> Clear Cache.

        4. Use Google Pagespeed Insights

Google provides a service called as page speed insights to calculate your website quality ranking. You need to check your website in google page speed insights at least once a month and follow suggestions that google recommends for your website. This will help your website load quickly in different scenarios.

Below is a Screenshot from Google Pagespeed Insights


Improve Website Performance Security


         5. Check Media files size

There are lots of media files like Images, Videos, gif files on your website. You need to make sure that media files like images have sizes least as possible. When the website page loads images whose size is too large takes some time to load thereby decreasing website speed. Same goes for videos. Videos too need to be low in size. Also make sure that you don’t keep videos in Autoplay mode because when the web page loads and if your video auto plays, the server consumes resources and takes the time to load the website.

So these are some of the basic tips to keep your website’s performance and security up to date.

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